Graduate programme

All your entry delegates require training regarding your company’s corporate behaviour, responsibilities, image and etiquette expectations. Understanding this need we have developed a fully rounded workshop incorporating all of the above as part of that training and we offer this as a half day or full day training at your offices. Our training can be tailored to your requirements, is interactive and facilitated at the graduates level.

Your graduates arrive straight out of university or college where their education does not include some of the fundamental nuggets required to ensure that they behave, dress and engage with their peers, superiors and customers in a manner that is befitting the position they now hold. It is our responsibility to ensure your graduates follow your corporate guidelines of behaviour and overall brand image in an engaging, interactive and personable half/full day training workshop.

We have trained this workshop for clients like: SiezweNtsaluba vsp, Bell Dewar, Norton Rose Fulbright, Adams & Adams, Werksmans to name a few with effective success.

One of our favourite experiences was working with the graduates of a corporate who allowed us the opportunity of being creative in our education. Here we were able to host our first team building exercise with great success.

These graduates walked away with an understanding of our material and a practical exercise which inspired them to identify and translate the corporate brand through their own personal image.

We ran a ‘Project Chameleon’ type team building workshop, where graduates created an outfit on mannequins using recyclables and were required to do a 3 minute talk about their translation. The aim was for them to ensure the dress or garments related to the brand they worked for. Each team was judged by their HOD’s and our sponsors gifted them each with prizes.