Taste of Image

A taste of image – R 45 000.00

All of the delegates will have just come from a half day training workshop where they will have had to decide what value they are adding to the brand they work within. The delegates will then be tested. They are separated into teams and are given coloured bandanna's to distinguish who they are, they will each receive aprons, a gas cooker, utensils and a note pad
The instructions will be to create their own perfect sauce
Each delegate within the team will have 15 seconds to choose themselves an ingredient for the sauce they are going to create, they are then given 30 min to slice, dice and cook their sauce and be judged on the taste of their sauce

OBJECTIVE: To realize that their sauce would not taste as good if each individual ingredient they chose was not included in their sauce – a delicious format to reiterate the value they bring to the business they work within