TWEAK corporate clothing

As a corporate facilitators we have found a gap in the market, we breath branding and know that it is your people, who work for your brand, that represent your company everyday - when a consumer walks into your premises or meets an employee, that consumer must have not a doubt in their mind of who your employee works for. Image is everything and your people are your brand ambassadors.

TWEAK corporate collection is about QUALITY, LONGEVITY & STYLE.

We have created the ULTIMATE in corporate clothing. The basics, that every woman should have in her wardrobe; the perfect black trousers, a versatile skirt, the most flattering blouse and the streamline jacket. built to shape the figure of a woman as well as enhance all her assets.

We have also created some pieces of clothing with a TWEAK – in other words, multipurpose. A wrap dress with three colour panels and perfect lines, TWEAK the dress reversing the wrapping and this masterpiece transforms in a different dress, a day to night dream.

Another added advantage to wearing TWEAK – it comes with a complimentary 30 min consultation with an House of Janine image consultant to ensure the perfect pieces are chosen for her shape. AND the cost also includes alterations to ensure the perfect fit.

We believe that when you look and feel great you perform and it is for this reason that Tweak offers a corporate range of basic pieces designed to make the body look amazing.

We offer clothing specifically designed to incorporate your organization's needs and preferences. The cost of the uniform includes a personal consultation and all alterations to ensure a perfect fit, as well as training on how to care for the garments so that the clothes last for the longest duration.

For larger corporations we manufacture according to the brief – we design a board of style with fabric options and create a complete look for our clients

This service should be used for corporates who understand the value of style and identify that men and women have various body shapes, skin tones, assets and flaws – that we are not all the same
House of Janine developed this service to remove the pain of styling oneself in the morning but more importantly to encourage valuable brand representation within the corporate world

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