Body shape analysis

Knowing your body shape is another important aspect to putting an outfit together. Dressing correctly means dressing your body shape and creating perfect body balance. There are nine body shapes, each with it’s own set of rules and tips to help you find clothing that will look great on your body shape.

The perfect body balance is created by using illusion dressing techniques to accentuate aspects of the top and bottom half of your body. You can only successfully achieve this by knowing which body shapes you are.

This service includes:

  • Body shape card
  • Body shape analysis
  • How to dress your body shape
  • How to Illusion dress your body flaw

Optional extras:

  • Your Colour card
  • Wardrobe shopping
  • Individual style design
  • Refit and style with the clients new clothing and old wardrobe
  • Accessorizing – shoes – underwear
  • Returns and exchanges

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