Wardrobe shopping

In this day and age we are under the constant pressure of not having enough time; time to select the perfect outfit for work, time to shop or even just time for yourself. At house of Janine we understand that time is money, and that you can never have enough of it. If you felt yourself nodding to some (or all) of the above statements, then the wardrobe shopping experience is for you!

It includes an individual consultation where a highly skilled consultant visits you at your venue of preference (whether it be at your home, office or at a coffee shop), in order to establish what you need to have in your wardrobe to suit your lifestyle and body shape, from the absolute essentials that every woman should have, to building your new look.

Then the shopping process begins, the best thing about this experience is you won’t have to be involved in the gruelling process of having to page through hundreds of items of clothing in order to find the perfect outfit- that’s our job.

Next is the fitting, here you will learn how to combination dress according to your budget and which wardrobe essentials you must have. Wardrobe shopping includes alterations and fittings. The best part of our personal shopping experience is designed to take to stress out of shopping.

Wardrobe Shopping is a fantastic experience, and in the end we aim to leave the client with the necessary tools to understand how to easily put outfits together and the art of style and shopping correctly, for a specific body type. Our mission is to create your brand new wardrobe that tells people who you are before you say anything.

The Wardrobe shopping service includes:

  • A full body assessment
  • A colour analysis
  • A style analysis
  • Shopping for the client
  • Fitting to happen within the client’s home or at House of Janine
  • Returns and exchanges
  • Alterations
  • Refit and style with the client’s new clothing and old cupboard

Optional extras

This service is customisable based on your personal needs and preferences:

  • A personality assessment
  • A manual to remember
  • Individual style design
  • Accessories consultation
  • Accessorizing – shoes – underwear

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