Polished & Glossed: Ready to face the world

Lady J’s is a 6 half day programme targeted at young ladies in grade 7 and 8 - 9 and grade 10 - 11 for R 3950.00/young lady
At Lady J’s you’ll learn everything from makeup application to how to be a more dazzling, confident you – each module is interactive, includes demonstrations and is built to ensure that your young lady walks away with hands on personalized experience:




1. It’s about you
Here we look at your individual and unique body shape finding the fit that best suits you.

2. Style Sista
Finding the classics and colour for you as well as the simple do’s and don’ts

3. Like it. Swipe it.
Every girl loves a bargain. And we’ll teach you how to best shop for you and those little budget secrets

4. Mirror Mirror
Blush, hide, shine and sparkle all with the help of the makeup brush. Teaching you the how, why and why not’s of make-up.

5. Glow
Taking care of your skin is the best investment you can make. It is your canvas. So learn how to show it some love.

6. Glam Hair
Cut, shape and colour to best suit your face. This is hair to turn heads.

7. Mind your P’s and Q’s
Learn what the “done” thing to do is

8. Chin Up
Poise, posture and polite chit chat. Learn it today, use it the rest of your life.

9. Going places, Big Dreams
Meet your mentor

10. In Good Taste -
Learn how to make a party perfect. From snacks to décor, table setting and hostessing

11. Healthy body. Healthy mind.
Beauty is inside and out. Learn how to eat the right foods and balance your lifestyle with healthy exercise and fashionable fitness.

12. Feel good
When you look in the mirror do you like the person looking back at you? Learn the art of being a better you.

13. Girls night out
So you’ve been asked…to the dance. The big all-important question is, “What do I wear?”

14. Before and After

There’ll be pictures. Need we say more?

- Mini makeup kit
- Mini DOPP kit
- All refreshments
- A journal
- A graduation tea for parents