The Inside Out experience

The INSIDE OUT experience – R 45 000.00 (90min)

Before the keynote address given by Kate Emmerson (Internal Makeover) and Janine Starkey (External Makeover) the client would have nominated 5/6 individuals for a makeover, these individuals will experience the one on one consultations by one of the HOJ consultants for a full overview of their body shape, colour palette and personal style. During the talk by Janine, she will call up each person from the audience who was chosen for the makeover experience and talk through this persons issues on stage, a before photograph will be taken and as the talk is ending the before shot will be projected onto the screen. While the talk is happening, a STYLE team will be back stage working with each delegate to recreate their look, a makeup artist, a wardrobe stylist and a hair stylist will all be molding the new look of the candidates. They will then one by one come onto stage and Janine will talk through the makeover and give tips and tricks as to how the candidate has changed.

OBJECTIVE: a seven step makeover experience live